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How Do Acupuncture Appointments Work?

Acupuncture is one of the many modalities used in traditional Chinese medicine treatments. Although acupuncture is the primary modality, in the actual treatment session, we may use other modalities, including cupping, moxibustion (heat therapy with medicinal herbs), electroacupuncture, qigong (an ancient Chinese exercise), Chinese dietary recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, acupressure, etc. We begin your healing journey with a thorough history-taking and assessment. This initial patient intake is a valuable time for us to learn about you as a whole person and diagnose the underlying causes of your concerns. It is also a valuable time for you to learn about yourself. We end the session with an initial treatment. From the second appointment, a shorter time is spent for intake and assessment, and a longer time is used for treatment. Patients often feel very relaxed after the treatment. Each treatment builds on the previous treatment. As you start seeing improvements in your chief concerns, you may also experience other benefits. Each treatment aims to restore balance in your body, mind, and spirit while targeting the particular symptoms. Patients report feeling an increased sense of well-being, balanced energy, and increased mental clarity. 

Cupping therapy
Moxibustion being applied
  • Please come in loose-fitting clothes. 

  • Be sure to have eaten a light meal within a few hours prior to arriving.

  • Stay hydrated before and after the treatment.

  • Stay away from strenuous or stressful activities immediately following the treatment. 

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