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About Me

I worked as a Registered Nurse for over twenty-five years before I took a leap of faith in redirecting my career to acupuncture. As a nurse, I worked in hospitals, schools, and community health settings. Over the years, I met many people of all ages who suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of my patients or clients were also in highly challenging circumstances, socially and economically. I often felt limited in what I could offer and thought of how to best help people relieve their suffering.

Nevertheless, I did my best to use my abilities and skills to help and support my patients and clients. At the same time, I learned how important it was to offer my sincere presence to those in need, even when what I could do was limited. I experienced many moments where I saw strength in each individual and their ability to take the next step to come out of hardship. These experiences are still at the root of my belief that every person has an innate healing ability. When given the right attention and nourishment, just as the plants receive sun, soil, and water, one's healing potential can be maximized. 

During the last few years of my nursing career, I received regular acupuncture treatments to deal with physical ailments and emotional stress. Through the treatments, my condition improved and my awareness of my innate passion for helping people reduce their suffering grew. I knew that becoming an acupuncturist was aligned with my "Dao" or true path and life purpose.

Over the years I have seen great transformation and healing in my patients, thanks to acupuncture. I look forward to helping you to meet the challenges in front of you and to helping you increase your health and well-being. 


With gratitude,

Etsuko Maruoka, L. Ac., M. Ac., RN, BSN

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